White House says Trump 'shithole' comments will 'resonate' like his attacks on black athletes have


Trump-supporting pundits have been attempting to make the case that when Donald Trump referred to Haiti and to African countries as “shithole” nations he was not being racist but referring to economically or educationally poor countries.

At the same time, staffers inside the White House believes his reference to “shithole countries” will “resonate” with his base, based on an another recent example:

So while Republican pundits are frantically attempting to Trumpsplain his latest outburst, those unnamed White House staffers are themselves comparing this event to Trump’s persistent attacks on black NFL players—which, they say, went over well with their base.

This should clarify both how Trump intended the remarks, and what the White House itself considers to be Trump’s “base.” Yes, Trump intended it as racial; yes, the White House is counting on their base of degenerates to see it the same way.

via http://thetrumpimpeachment.com

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