What Happens If Trump Gets Impeached? Who will benefit and who won’t?


What Happens If Trump Gets Impeached?

Accused of high crimes and misdeamenors… intelligence leaks… obstruction of justice… the possibility of a smoking gun in Comey’s undisclosed notes taken during secret meetings… is there a possibility that Trump will be impeached?

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If impeached, he probably won’t be removed…

It’s important to first note that the evidence against Trump at this point is still considered super flimsy, and EVEN then, is still considered the smaller hurdle if you are hoping for Trump to get the boot.

So let’s break this down… Under the constitution, Stage 1 of impeachment FIRST happens if
The Committee first authorizes an inquiry into impeachment, which we already mentioned, is hard enough as is because of the lack of strength in the evidence so far. So far, all the evidence is up for debate… Did Trump really ask Comey to back off the Russian investigation or did he insinuate it? Did Trump really give away intelligence to the Russians, or did he just have a meeting with them so they can all discuss and high-five each other over their mutual arousal of Ivanka Trump…

Stage 2, the House of Representatives needs a majority vote to approve the articles of impeachment previously approved by the committee. a two-thirds majority vote is required to convict the president and have him removed. Right now, Republicans hold 238 seats while Democrats hold 193…THAT means 25 Republicans would need to be persuaded to vote to impeach trump which would be super unlikely because of the backlash it would create for the republican party which we’ll later discuss….

Stage 3 would then be a removal vote at the Senate where another two thirds of voting is needed to convict the present and remove him from office.

What’s the Process if he’s removed? What Does History say?

History doesn’t give us a lot to go on. There’s only ever been 2 presidents impeached… and both of them were still able to avoid being removed from office.
Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868 for offering amnesty to Confederate officials and the dick move of vetoing the civil rights protections for former slaves…TYPICAL Johnson behavior… But, he escaped removal from the senate by one vote.
Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice in the trial involving his own dick move… literal Johnson behavior…. He was also acquitted in the Senate Trial.

And then there’s Richard Nixon after the watergate scandal who would have been impeached, and almost certainly would have been removed, but was smart enough to step down himself before he had to walk the streets while an elderly wench shamed his naked body

If Trump ever got to the removal process… considering how it would be the result of his own party turning on him in votes, we can all agree with great certainty that Trump isn’t the kind of guy to give a cordial bow to the audience and then disappear gracefully into the night.

Kicking and Screaming….

Will he go quietly? Well…
This is the same president where during his campaigning, he refused to release his tax returns on the grounds that he believed the usual rules didn’t apply to him.
This is the same president where only 2 months into his presidency, Congress was already freaking out about there being a constitutional crisis over Trump’s irratic behaviour.
This is also the same President who told a body of graduating students during a commencement speech at Liberty University that he believes he is the most unfairly treated president in all of presidential history, which worries me if he is actually serious… or… genuinely doesn’t know that Abraham Lincoln and JFK once had their heads blown off.

With 31 million twitter followers that get a direct line to his madness, it won’t be out of the question to predict that he’ll flood social media with rants about being falsely accused and being unfairly treated. Even if he is charged guilty, being the rule bending “rules don’t apply to me” guy that he is, stepping down gracefully doesn’t look like a possibility for this Trump.
If we thought the end of the elections were an end of trump rallies, being removed from the office will not only rebirth the trump rally, it will probably have the same chemical reaction that Bath Salts have to hungry inner city kids. Violence will flood Washington DC, guns will be drawn, and faces will definitely be eaten.

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