Trump LIES to CNN when admitting he LASHED OUT at Cruz’s father with bogus JFK story


Trump just told Wolf Blitzer that he doesn’t actually believe the National Enquirer story about Ted Cruz’s father and Lee Harvey Oswald. Trump claimed that Rafael Cruz was saying horrible things about him, that Cruz was ‘praying’ for bad things to happen to him, and so he lashed out at Cruz’s father by bringing up the story

But that’s not true at all. Cruz’s father never prayed for anything bad to happen to Trump. What bullcrap! Cruz’s father was simply imploring people to vote for Ted Cruz and said “the alternative could be the destruction of America.”

When he said “the alternative could be the destruction of America”, he was likely talking about Hillary Clinton, as Cruz had said over and over and over that if Trump wins the nomination, that he didn’t have a chance against Hillary.

But regardless of this, he didn’t pray for bad things to happen to Trump. He never even suggested such a thing.

Trump is just a liar and trying to cover up for the fact that he brought up this garbage story in the first place.

And as president, we can expect nothing different.

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