The Angle: Who’s Watching Edition

Saying some stuff the GOP might not like.

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So confused: Today, Donald Trump, possibly acting on the suggestion of a Fox News analyst, threw a wrench into the GOP’s plan to reauthorize the FISA Amendments Act in the face of a bipartisan push to moderate it. Jacob Brogan untangles the mess.

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One way to do it: Four law professors have a creative proposal for how blue states and towns facing the destructive elimination of SALT deductions after the passage of the GOP tax plan could mitigate the harm.


We forgive you: How did a megachurch pastor get away with publicly admitting that he sexually abused a 17-year-old? Ruth Graham looks at the growing strain of evangelical culture that wipes away transgressions when the transgressor appears to repent authentically.

Mea culpa: Showrunner Dan Harmon admitted in a seven-minute podcast monologue that he harassed a writer who worked on Community. Marissa Martinelli transcribed the apology (which she thinks may be more properly called an “explanation”) and calls it “refreshing.”

A monumental occasion,

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