Template Invitation to Tour Meetings


Dear [name],

One year into the Trump/Pence Regime, national and local leaders of Refuse Fascism are embarking on a national tour in early January, the main purpose of which is to reach out to, deeply exchange views with, and forge real working unity with others who are themselves deeply concerned about and working to stop the nightmare being imposed on humanity by the Trump/Pence Regime.

Because of your important work in [characterize and personalize this letter], we are reaching out to invite you to a meeting with our some of our national leaders on [date] in [city].

We in Refuse Fascism, and we expect you as well, feel every day the urgency and outrage of the needless suffering this regime has already wrought – millions of immigrants living in terror, unveiled white supremacy on the march, women worldwide denied reproductive healthcare, Muslims banned and demonized, LGBTQ people under attack, and many others targeted.  At the same time, we worry every day about the danger of Trump starting a war which could rapidly become nuclear, about Trump’s accelerated environmental destruction, and about the way this regime is changing the laws to make the penalty for dissent so onerous that resistance is stifled, including the danger of the regime declaring a state of emergency and suspending vast rights altogether.

We’d like to invite you to a meeting where we can exchange views about how we understand the problem we face in the Trump/Pence Regime, what is the scope and scale of the danger they pose, how are different people fighting this and what it will take to put a stop to the nightmare they are imposing.  This meeting is scheduled for [include the details of the meeting].

For our part, RefuseFascism.org believes this is a fascist regime which is moving rapidly to consolidate a uniquely American fascism, rooted in the unholy trinity of white supremacy, misogyny, and American chauvinism.  We have raised the slogan, “In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America,” and mobilized people around the demand, “This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!”  We feel it is crucial that resistance to every new outrage of this regime grows stronger, deeper, and more determined – at the same time, we recognize that this alone is insufficient.  We feel that, because of its fascist character, nothing short of driving out the entire regime will suffice, and that this goal can only be achieved by mobilizing the millions who are outraged and sickened by this regime to take to the streets in ongoing, mass nonviolent protests which grow day after day, night after night, eventually involving millions, and not stopping until our demand is met.

While the situation is different in many ways, we see the dynamics of how such a movement from below can sharpen and widen divisions at the top of society to create the kind of political crisis that leads to the removal of an administration in the example of not only Nixon, but also his vice president Spiro Agnew, being removed from power in 1974.

Given the extreme nature of what we are facing today, we feel it is critical that we sit down and learn from each other and forge the ways to work together to rise to the challenge history has thrown before us all.

[Repeat the details of the meeting time and place and note that, if that schedule really does not work, please let us know if there is another time we could schedule a meeting while the national tour is in town.]


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