Thursday, April 19, 2018
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2 Weeks After Trump Blocked It, Democrats Release Rebuttal of GOP...

At the conference on Saturday, Representative Devin Nunes of California, the committee’s Republican chairman, said the newly released memo showed that Democrats were engaged in a cover-up and were “colluding with parts of the government” to carry it out. The Democratic memo underwent days of review by top law enforcement officials after the president blocked…

When will Trump release the Democrats’ memo?

The President has until tomorrow night to agree or object to releasing it.

Trump will not release Democrats’ memo

Trump will not release the Democratic memo. He requested for changes to be made before it can be released.

White House Source: The Memo to be Released Thursday

BREAKING REPORT A White House source states that the Nunes Memo will be released by the White House, Thursday February 1st, 2018, and much Alt-Right...
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