Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Trump’s Pick for Supreme Court Is Brett Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Monday nominated Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, a politically connected member of Washington’s conservative legal establishment, to fill Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court, setting up an epic confirmation battle and potentially cementing the court’s rightward tilt for a generation. Presenting Judge Kavanaugh at the White House, Mr.…

Text of President Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh remarks

Text of President Donald Trump's announcement of judge Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee, and Kavanaugh's remarks. __ TRUMP: My fellow Americans, tonight I speak to you from the East Room of the White House regarding one of the most profound responsibilities of the president of the United States, and that is the selection…

Editorial Observer: For Trump, Kavanaugh Is Midterm Bait

By 8:00, the media had whittled the short list even shorter, to Mr. Kavanaugh and Thomas Hardiman, with Mr. Kavanaugh the emerging favorite. But even then, some commentators wondered if this was all an elaborate head fake. Priming the pump, just after 8:30, the White House tweeted out a snippet of video, grandly scored, with…
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