Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Op-Ed Contributor: The Trump Tariffs Will Cost Americans Jobs

Never mind that we import more steel from 10 other nations than from China, or that domestic steel’s market share represents an impressive 70 percent. Nor is it a national security issue: Only 3 percent of that production goes toward the military. Never mind that domestic steel profits and production have steadily risen since 2010,…

Trump to award Medal of Valor to 12 Americans

Among the recipients are five officials from San Bernardino County, California, who responded to a 2015 shooting at a workplace there that took 14 lives. Trump honors the officials days after visiting Broward County to honor the victims and first responders of the deadly school shooting last Wednesday in Parkland, Florida. Trump last awarded the…

Editorial: Donald Trump Raids the Pantry of Poor Americans

Photo Credit Shannon Stapleton/Reuters Among the numerous harebrained ideas in President Trump’s budget proposal this week, one stands out as especially pernicious: a scheme that would slash an essential antipoverty program and put fresh food further out of reach for 46 million low-income people, or one in seven Americans. The Trump administration wants to cut…
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