September 5:  Project November 4 in the Center of Your City


Or “No! We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America. November

Imagine this billboard plastered up right outside a music festival, or along a busy highway.

Imagine dropping a banner from an iconic courthouse or prison, or a Trump branded property.

We don’t have to just imagine these things, because this is what projectors can do for us, in a bold, compelling, and strictly legal way. Buying a 3200 (or higher) lumen projector off of and a 12-volt deep cycle RV battery from Pep Boys, along with a converter and a few cords, can get you started immediately.

You run these graphics off your computer and then project it on a wall.

Once people have heard about November 4, all of our outreach becomes a real conversation vs us trying to fit everything into a 15 second pitch. Light projections are a key way that we can make this happen on a large scale.

Take pictures/video and tag @refusefascism on Instagram and Twitter and on Facebook.

Video Projection Tutorial

If you have questions: email and we will be happy to assist you!

Don’t forget to bring materials to help people who see your projection get organized for November 4. 

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