One of Stonewall 4: Still Fighting Outrageous Charges – Stand with Her on August 15


refusefascism.orgDGeJ1z UQAEU1dT 300x150 f4ab710a4a7ef42d92c5f7e0b064223d62349adb 1 - One of Stonewall 4: Still Fighting Outrageous Charges – Stand with Her on August 15 one of stonewall 4: still fighting outrageous charges – stand with her on august 15 One of Stonewall 4: Still Fighting Outrageous Charges – Stand with Her on August 15 gif base64 R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOwFrom a letter from the Stonewall 4:

We still have to fight the charges resulting from a serious attack that took place on one of us even before the February 4th protest at the Stonewall Inn. On January 12th, one of us was stalked by the NYPD and brutally arrested on her way to a publicly announced Refuse Fascism event. She was illegally searched, and not only was she arrested but she was also sent to Bellevue Hospital — for the explicit reason put on the official NYPD report that she had called someone a fascist and expressed opposition to President-elect Donald Trump! This is a clear case of political suppression and must be fought! You are needed in court to stand with her on August 15.

And there has been, since February 4th, the heightening of organized thuggery of fanatical Trump supporters becoming more aggressive, more cohered, and more violent, including armed thugs coming out to intimidate and threaten people participating in various rallies called for by Refuse Fascism on July 15th to say “Trump and Pence Must Go!” All while the regime moves ahead (even in the face of difficulty and obstacles, with scandal and controversy, with in-fighting and opposition) and is making strides in knocking down the rule of law, re-ordering the governance of society in a fascist way, demonizing and scapegoating Muslims, immigrants, trans people and LGBTQ people generally, going after women’s right to control their own bodies, and further letting loose terror on Black people and Latinos, while promising still more.

So, this battle is far from over. In addition to being there in court on August 15th for the member of the Stonewall 4 who has charges from the previous arrest, Refuse Fascism has called for November 4th, “This Nightmare Must End – The Trump/Pence Regime Must GO!” and is organizing regional conferences on August 19th to plan out how to make November 4th the beginning of the end of this nightmare.

In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!

Thank you and struggle on,

Stonewall 4

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