CNN – America Fights Back – Protests in Major American Cities Against Racist President-Elect Trump


Never in the history of American Politics has the winner of the U.S. Presidency sparked so much hatred in the country in AFTER the election. This time has historically been a time for healing and respect expressed to each party regardless of outcome Donald Trump who is a well-established Racist, Misogynist, Xenophobe, Bully, Nationalist, sexual predator has been openly endorsed by the American Ku Klux Klan and Alt Right Parties in their Newspapers and websites. Both of these organizations are extremist white supremacist hate organizations. Protests spread across the country as Americans everywhere are OUTRAGED by the election of someone that clearly lacks the character and constitution required of the leader of the free world. The Trump election into the Presidency has oddly been celebrated by Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin who now has his “Useful Idiot” and, as Hillary Clinton phrased it, “his Puppet” in the white house. This is a dark, ugly and unprecedented low for our country.

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