Bill Maher Spend 30 Glorious Minutes Railing Against Donald Trump | Classic Vines


Bill Maher Spend 30 Glorious Minutes Railing Against Donald Trump | Classic Vines
Bill Maher spent the entire stretch of a special

Republican National Convention-themed episode

of his eponymous HBO show on Thursday

thrashing the now-official Republican presidential

nominee Donald Trump.

Maher ― alongside California Lt. Gov. Gavin

Newsom (D), author Robert Reich, and Heather

McGhee, head of the think tank Demos ― was

quick to point out the “fact-free” nature of the

speech, noting the Republican party has taken its

conservative platform “to a whole new level” this

election season.

Trump’s exhaustive, hour and 16 minute-long

acceptance speech focused heavily on fear and

hate while, once again, straying away from any

concrete policy plans that don’t involve building

walls and banning the world’s Muslims.

“He’s got this idea that everyone in this country is

terrified of one another, is terrified of the world

and he’s the only answer,” McGhee said. “It’s


“I honestly have never heard a speech that was

as longwinded … as full of fear,” Reich continued.

“This was the most negative acceptance speech I

have ever heard. I do think that it’s scary because

in many ways it was effective. He is a marketer,

he knows how to tap into what people want to


Maher went on to comment on Trump’s dextrous

ability to fiddle with reality, especially when it

comes to his promise to keep a balanced budget

while providing tax breaks to the richest

Americans and simultaneously funding massive

upticks in infrastructure and military spending.

“For a guy who is thought by so many people to

be a genius because he’s rich, he seems to know

nothing about money,” Maher said.

The panelists went on to note how the entire

election had become “a referendum on decency,”

while McGhee said Trump was trying to up “the

idea of racial resentment.”

Take a look at the full episode above.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites

political violence and is a serial liar,rampant

xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who

has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6

billion members of an entire religion ― from

entering the U.S.

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