Monday, February 19, 2018
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Trump uses Parkland shooting to deflect from Russia probe

Donald Trump has used the Parkland shooting victims to deflect from the Russia investigation, many critics say about his recent tweet. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the resultant uproar.

Dem Rep: Nunes helped Trump obstruct Mueller probe

Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley tells Ari Melber he believes the House Intel Chair has helped the Trump administration obstruct Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Trump spends weekend discrediting Mueller Probe

Trump again tilted the scale in favor of congressional allies out to discredit the bureau's Russia investigation.

Trump refuses to release Democratic memo on Russia probe

copied! President Trump announced he will not be declassifying a Democratic House Intelligence memo that was drafted to rebut the Republican memo claiming the FBI improperly obtained an order to wiretap a former Trump official.Feb.10.2018 Read More
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